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Chris Woodcock

Production Sound Mixer

I am a Production Sound Mixer with over 8 years experience mixing sound for feature film, TV Drama, Documentary, Live Broadcasts, Advertisements, Corporate, Educational content and Webcasting.


I am based Belfast, Northern Ireland but have bases in Dublin, Ireland and Essex on the mainland UK. I have extensive UK and worldwide experience. My professional expertise has been widely employed by national television broadcasters (including BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, HBO, RTE and TG4) as well as independent film and TV production companies, international multi-media marketing organisations and global corporate enterprises. I have travelled international to provide my skills to various production companies all over the world.

I am a BA (Hons) graduate in Film and Moving Image (Specialism in Audio Production) and a regular guest lecturer at Queen's University Belfast film course. (Please click on Credits tab to see a more detailed but not full list of accredited work)


Utilising the very latest multi-track recording and digital radio microphone technologies, including Zaxcom wireless products, My systems incorporates on board recording wireless transmitters to eliminate interference or radio dropouts in overcrowded radio frequency environments.  I work extremely well under pressure and at all times ensures the provision of flexible director and continuity focussed sound recording solutions for any film or broadcast location.


Over the years I have worked with a wide variety of camera set-ups and very comfortable operating alongside camera departments using such systems as Airri and Red.

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